Beverage Business Startup
Do you have a passion for beverages and want to start your own business? Whether it’s beer, wine, cider or another craft beverage, learn the ins and outs of starting and growing your business from successful local entrepreneur and president of Octopi Brewing, Isaac Showaki.
This course will teach you what questions and answers you need to know before starting a beverage brewing business. We will go over what you want to accomplish, your goals and how achieve them with emphasis on how to write a quality beverage business plan. The plan will guide you through your venture so that you have the highest probability of success. The class will also cover: how to legally set up your company, what and where to apply for federal permits, how to approach investors or banks, financials projections, how cash is king and other critical topics.
Grading Basis
COOKING 47316484
Academic Group
Voc Adult CE (400 level)
Academic Organization
School of Professional Develop
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