Creating Future State Through Innovation
?Learn how startups and innovation are similar and how they are different, which can impact the success of any innovation effort. You will assess the current state of your organization, readiness to change, and driving factors as well as identify and forecast the future state. Acquire tools and techniques to create a foundation to build, measure, learn loops and experimentation. You will learn how to create a culture of innovation, lean startup practices, business modeling and progression, and tactical cycles. To understand your customers and their hidden needs, you'll explore a customer development process, developing customers vs. product, segmenting based upon need vs demographics, and other helpful tools. In the last session, we dive deep into the problem space and minimum viable solutions. You will learn value creation, product/market fit, risk analysis, converting assumptions into experiments and rapid experimentation techniques. Intended for leaders and managers at all levels, entrepreneurs, or inventors.
Grading Basis
PROF DEV 47196493
Academic Group
Vocational Adult (400 level)
Academic Organization
School of Professional Develop