Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies
Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies is a sociology course that provides students with the conceptual and analytical tools to understand the LGBTQ+ community. Students will be able to examine historical documents and experiences to comprehend social constructionism, critically unpack the concepts of intersectionality and matrix of domination, understand interactive dynamics within historically oppressed and marginalized groups, dissect positions normalization within social institutions, identify patterns of activism and identity politics, critique contemporary legal and political debates regarding rights and inequalities, analyze the representation of LGBTQ+ within popular culture, and breakdown concerns over assimilation as a concept and a practice. This course will focus mainly on the United States but will include discussions on the global. Academically, the main approach applied in this course will be from Sociology and its subfield of Queer Theory, though work used will be interdisciplinary in nature.
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This course satisfies LAT Req
Social Science
SOC 20809255
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School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
NexGen Read 249+ or ACCP Read 65+ or ACT Read 15+ or Communications for Sector or Academic Reading 5/6 or College Reading Strategies or Intro to College Reading #10838105. Coursework requires a grade of C or higher to satisfy requirement.
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