Brewing Practicum
This capstone course in the Craft Brewing Certificate involves hands-on practice on the brewery floor at Capital Brewery and covers the production process of brewing, kegging, bottling, tasting and evaluating beer. Students brew together in small groups both following and formulating beer recipes under the supervision of an experienced brewer using small scale stainless conical fermenters. The class then packages their beer and tastes and evaluates each groups efforts. Completion of this course positions students for work in brewery operations and for Beer Judge Certification exams.
Grading Basis
COOKING 47316437
Academic Group
Vocational Adult (400 level)
Academic Organization
School of Professional Develop
Enrollment Requirements
Prerequisite(s): Grade of S in 47-316-436 Brewing Science; Corequisite(s): 47-316-435 Beer Brewing and Serving Essentials. Students who have not met these requirements will be subject to an administrative withdrawal.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer