The Craft of Specialty Coffee
Learn barista basics for creating, evaluating and describing the perfect cup of specialty coffee led by JBC Coffee Roasters' coffee professionals. The class begins with a multimedia tour of coffee farms/processing plants, how coffee grows, is processed, roasted, and ends up in your cup. Then take part in three hands-on small group work stations. At station one, led by licensed Q Grader Michael Johnson, you will learn how professionals taste, evaluate and describe coffee flavor profiles. At station two, you will learn correct procedures and techniques for manually brewing coffee using a variety of pour-over and press methods to gain an understanding of how different brew devices create different aroma and flavor characteristics. At station three, students will learn and practice basic espresso extraction techniques using an industry standard espresso machine and then get the chance to try their hand at a little latte art.
Grading Basis
COOKING 47316431
Academic Group
Voc Adult CE (400 level)
Academic Organization
School of Professional Develop
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer