Sociology of Gender
Sociologically examines the importance and power of gender, particularly as it pertains to the status of women and men in society. Students explore the social construction of gender and its impact on identity, roles, relationships, and life experiences. Attention is given to the gender socialization process as well as the ways in which gender impacts romantic and family relationships, division of labor, parenthood, sexuality, crime and violence, media, employment, health, education, religion, political participation, and power. Throughout the course, students reflect upon past, present, and future gender patterns, considering the cultural reinforcement of gender norms as well as the ways in which individuals and institutions challenge them.
Grading Basis
Course Attributes
This course satisfies LAT Req
Social Science
SOC 20809253
Academic Group
College Parallel
Academic Organization
School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
NexGen Read 249+ or ACCP Read 65+ or ACT Read 15+ or Communications for Sector or Academic Reading 5/6 or College Reading Strategies or Intro to College Reading #10838105. Coursework requires a grade of C or higher to satisfy requirement.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring