Introduction to the Archaeology of Native North America
Provides a detailed survey of the archaeology of North America from the initial movement of peoples into North America to European contact. This course will focus on each defined archaeological culture areas in turn, including: the Eastern Woodlands, Arctic, the Great Plains, Southwest, Plateau, Northwest Coast, and Central America. Students will also be provided with an understanding of basic archaeological theory and concepts as necessary to understand the intricacies of Pre-contact Native American cultures. This course will dispel modern stereotypes about Native North American cultures by providing details on Native American lifeways.
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Social Science
ANTHRO 20809279
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(NexGenRead 261+ or ACCP Read 80+ or ACT Read 19+ or Coll Read Strat #10808101 or Intro Coll Read #10838105) and (NexGenWrite 260+ or ACCP Write 5+ and ACCP Sent 86+ or ACT Eng 17+ or ICW #10831103); or Eng 1 #20801201. Coursework requires a C or higher.
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