Making Biotech Products in a Quality Environment
Proposed to review and further illustrate the importance of quality in a laboratory environment, with special emphasis on how a quality system directly impacts laboratory scientists. This laboratory-based course will revolve around the creation of a product to be used in other courses in the biotechnology curriculum. Students will create the product, as well as monitor the quality of the process. Time constraints would mean that not every aspect of a quality system could be modeled or discussed; however, even a single course in this area would be invaluable to our students for both review of concepts and employability.
Grading Basis
BIOTECH 10007152
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Biotech & Electron Microscopy
Enrollment Requirements
Enrollment requirements: Co-requisite of Protein Bioseparations, 10007122 OR admission into Biotech Traditional Postbac Certificate, 900071 OR admission into Biotech Intensive Postbac Certificate, 900072.