Journalism Practicum 1
Journalism Practicum 1 provides real-world journalism skills and experiences for students. Students will spend the semester working on the staff of The Clarion, which is the student media organization, consisting of its newspaper, Web platform, television news program, and outreach services (i.e. classroom presentations; volunteer events; co-sponsorship of lecture series). In Journalism Practicum 1 students will perform service hours contributing news and feature stories and photographs to The Clarion. Students of Journalism Practicum 1 will attend editorial meetings, contribute story ideas and report, write and edit news and feature stories.
Students who take Journalism Practicum 1 as a one-credit course must spend at least 36 hours working as a news reporter for The Clarion. Students who take Journalism Practicum 1 as a two-credit course must spend 72 hours working as a Clarion journalist.
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This course satisfies LAT Req
Humanities/Fine Arts
JOURNAL 20801271
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Fall, Spring