Elementary Algebra with Apps
This course offers traditional algebra topics with applications. Learners develop algebraic problem solving techniques needed for technical problem solving and for more advanced algebraic studies. Topics include linear equations, exponents, polynomials, rational expressions, and roots and radicals. Successful completion of this course prepares learners to succeed in technical mathematics courses.
Grading Basis
3 - 5
MATH 10834110
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
NexGen Arith 250+ or ACCP Arith 76+ or ACCP College Math 20+ or ACT Math 17+; OR Math for Sector or Basic Algebra 77854780 or CAM Math Arith/Pre-Alg 74854711 or Reasoning Workshop 77854782. Coursework requires grade of C or higher to satisfy requirement.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer