Advanced Revit
Students develop proficiency in skills introduced in Intro to Revit, including modeling, family creation, design options, importing, rendering, and exporting with the current version of Revit Architecture. Particular emphasis is placed on advanced modeling and family creation. This class also introduces new concepts related to creating and managing 3D BIM models including defining site topography and site-related features, massing, phasing, file linking, and worksharing. Competence will be demonstrated through performance on the CAD station, through saved projects, and through submitted printouts that will include both construction documents and rendered images. For one project, students will be working within a group and submitting a joint project, during which students will develop the essential worksharing skills required to complete large-scale building projects that require multiple drafters. Prerequisites: Architectural Graphics 1, 10-614-111; Intro to CAD-Architectural; 10-614-113; Intro to Revit, 10-614-115.
Grading Basis
ARCHT 10614155
Academic Group
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Applied Engineering Tech
Enrollment Requirements
Prerequisite: Architectural Software 2 10614127
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