Intro to Modern Arabic 1
Intro to Modern Arabic 1 begins with a thorough study of the Arabic sound and writing system, with the simultaneous introduction of conversational skills in Modern Standard Arabic, the standard written and literary form of Arabic used in educational institutions throughout the Arabic-speaking world. Modern Standard Arabic is the language of newspapers and literature, as well as that of formal speeches and news broadcasts. This course fulfills the needs of those wishing to pursue studies of the Qur’an and classical texts as well as those wishing to be fluent in contemporary Arabic in both its written and formal spoken forms. Knowledge of this form of Arabic can serve as a basis for further studies of regional dialects. At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to speak and write using a basic vocabulary and thorough understanding of the Arabic writing system. This course, combined with Intro to Modern Arabic 2 transfers to the University of Wisconsin-Madison as equivalent to the 5 credit African Lang. & Lit 321: First Semester Arabic.
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ARABIC 20802240
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