Literature and Popular Culture
Students analyze, interpret, and discuss literature and diverse forms of popular culture as artistic and cultural representation. Each offering of literature in popular culture will be organized in the same way: a) Four units that deal with four different aspects of the course topic. b) Each unit will ask students to read a selection of each of the following: critical works—usually an article or articles or excerpts from a book—that offer definition of the genre, provided historical context, establish a relation between the thematic content and culture, and fosters discussion and critical analysis. c) Each unit will have at least two primary “texts”, including, but not limited to books, journal articles, films, sound recordings, graphic novels, electronic environments, blogs, & multimedia presentations. d) Written assignments will include, but will not be limited to: informal discussion board postings and responses to other postings, summaries and definitions, formal response papers and essays, one sustained project that brings together the themes and elements discussed in the class. e) Other assignments may include reading quizzes.
Grading Basis
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This course satisfies LAT Req
Humanities/Fine Arts
ENGLISH 20801221
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School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
English 1 #20801201 or Introduction to Literature #20801204. Coursework requires a grade of C or better to satisfy requirement.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring