ECE: Introductory Practicum
In this practicum course you will learn about and apply the course competencies in an actual childcare setting. The first of four training experiences develops skill in interacting with children and staff. Madison College faculty help students through periodic observation and conferences. In addition, there is a weekly discussion which focuses on what students are observing and learning in their practicum sites and on developing skills as team members. Students taking Introductory Practicum must also be enrolled in at least one other Early Childhood Education course. The preferred course would be Health, Safety, and Nutrition.
Grading Basis
EARLYCHL 10307174
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Enrollment Requirements
(NexGen Read 249+ or ACCP Read 65+ or ACT Read 15+ or Acad Read 5/6 #77858752) and (NexGen Write 245+ or ACCP Write 5+ and ACCP Sentence 70+ or ACCP Write 4+ and ACCP Sentence 86+ or ACT Eng 15+ or Acad Write 5/6 #77851757) or Communications for Sector.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring