Building Structures
Study of forces that act on a structural member. These forces affect all types of structures including parts of machines. This course will emphasis the use of statistics as it applies to building structures. Students look at types of force systems, vectors, resultant forces, moments, truss analysis and reactions. Strength of Materials provides the various analytical tools necessary for the sizing of specific structural members based on the loading conditions and strength of the material. The student will gain the knowledge necessary to calculate the sizes of members made of specific materials including wood, steel and masonry.
Grading Basis
ARCHT 10614178
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Applied Engineering Tech
Enrollment Requirements
Pre-requisite: Intro To CAD-Arch 10614113 or Arch Software 1 10614128 and Arch Grph 2 10614112 or Arch Studio 2 10614130 and Intro-Revit 10614115 or Arch Software 2 10614127 and Co-requisite: Elect and Mech Systems, 10614123, and Site Design, 10614154
Typically Offered