Wisconsin State Van Driver Training
This course is intended as a basic or Introduction to Van Driving. The student must complete applicable requirements through the State of Wisconsin in order to take this class tand drive the van. The student must possess a valid driver’s license and have knowledge about applicable rules established for van driving by the State. This course begins with a classroom portion covering; defensive driving, vehicle dynamics, state traffic statutes, crash avoidance, liability issues, van maintenance as well as some roadside emergencies. Before driving the student must complete and pass a short quiz based on the lecture portion. The student then participates in a behind-the-wheel portion where a specific route is driven and an Instructor monitors their driving. As the student completes items on the checks list, the instructor notes the completion. At end of the driving the Instructor provides a card signifying that the student has passed the course and is now able to drive the State van.
Grading Basis
DRIVED 47812465
Academic Group
Vocational Adult (400 level)
Academic Organization
Safety Education
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer