Archaeology & Prehistoric World
Designed for students interested in the human past, the period of prehistory where few written records exist and most knowledge of the period comes via archaeological investigations. Organized in a historical and topical fashion, the course traces the evolution of human culture through time, focusing on the best known archaeological sites in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Mesoamerica. Emphasis on major changes in human and cultural evolution, such as hunting, abstract thought, domestication of plants and animals, social stratification, the development of writing, the rise of states and urbanization.
Grading Basis
Course Attributes
This course satisfies LAT Req
Social Science
ANTHRO 20809281
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School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
(NexGenRead 261+ or ACCP Read 80+ or ACT Read 19+ or Coll Read Strat #10808101 or Intro Coll Read #10838105) and (NexGenWrite 260+ or ACCP Write 5+ and ACCP Sent 86+ or ACT Eng 17+ or ICW #10831103); or Eng 1 #20801201. Coursework requires a C or higher.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring