Elementary Logic
A course in contemporary formal (symbolic) logic covering both propositional and predicate logic with identity. Students will learn to translate arguments into symbolic notation and then test validity using natural-deduction proof procedures, truth tables, truth trees, and counter examples. Fulfills the Quantitative Reasoning Part B requirement at UW-Madison, as well as the logic requirement at Edgewood College. Assumes a solid background in Algebra.

For a course focused on critical thinking and informal logic, see course #20809264, Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking (previously called Reason in Communication), which fulfills the Quantitative Reasoning Part A requirement at UW-Madison as well as the logic requirement at Edgewood College.
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This course satisfies LAT Req
Humanities/Fine Arts
PHILOS 20809261
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School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
(NexGenRead 261+ or ACCP Read 80+ or ACT Read 19+ or CRS or Intro Coll Read) and (NexGenWrite 260+ or ACCP Write 5+ and ACCP Sent 86+ or ACT Eng 17+ or ICW) or Eng 1 and (NexGen Arith 250+ or ACCP Arith 76+ or ACT Math 17+). Courses require C or higher.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring