Marriage and the Family
Examines the changes in the structure, function and definition of family from a social science perspective. The social, historical, cultural and economic sources of these changes are explored along with a critical examination of what these changes have meant for children, women, men, and society as a whole, especially in recent decades. Contemporary issues and debates are explored, with an emphasis on research evidence. The goal of the course is for students to evaluate their assumptions about marriage and family as they become more informed by social science research, and, on a practical level gain knowledge and insight for navigating the challenges of intimate relationships and family life.
Grading Basis
Course Attributes
This course satisfies LAT Req
Social Science
SOC 20809204
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School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
NexGen Read 249+ or ACCP Read 65+ or ACT Read 15+ or Communications for Sector or Academic Reading 5/6 or College Reading Strategies or Intro to College Reading #10838105. Coursework requires a grade of C or higher to satisfy requirement.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring