General Microbiology
General Microbiology gives a broad overview of the structure, function, ecology, nutrition, physiology and genetics of microorganisms. The course looks at the many roles microorganisms play in our lives, including their association with various diseases (including cancer), and the importance of the human microbiome. The course also covers microbial fermentation and recombinant DNA technologies. Due to the constantly changing information as to how microbes play a vital role in our everyday lives, this course is regularly updated.
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This course satisfies LAT Req
Biological Science with Lab
BIOLOGY 20806274
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Enrollment Requirements
(NexGenRead 261+ or ACCP Read 80+ or ACT Read 19+ or CRS or Intro Coll Read #10838105) and (NexGen AdvAlg 250+ or ACCP Coll Math 51+ or ACT Math 24+) and (GenChem #10806134, CollChem 1 #20806209, or 1yr HS Chem in last 5yrs). Courses require C or higher.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring