General Anatomy and Physiology
General Anatomy and Physiology features lectures and laboratory dealing with the human body as an integrated structural and functional unit, including the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, reproductive, nervous, endocrine, muscular and skeletal systems, in addition to cell structure and physiology. It includes dissection of fresh and preserved material as well as examination of a human cadaver. This course is not acceptable in programs requiring two semesters of Anatomy and Physiology. General Anatomy and Physiology is a one semester course. Students in programs that require two semesters of anatomy and physiology should take Anatomy and Physiology 1, 20-806-207 and Anatomy and Physiology 2, 20-806-208. Introductory college-level biology course recommended.
Grading Basis
Course Attributes
This course satisfies LAT Req
Biological Science with Lab
BIOLOGY 20806206
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School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
(Nex GenRead 261+ or ACCP Read 80+ or ACT Read 19+ or Coll Read Strat #10808101 or Intro Coll Read #10838105 or Writ Comm #10801195 or Eng 1 #20801201) and (1 year HS Chem or 1 sem college level Chem in last 5 years). Coursework requires a C or higher.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer