General, Organic & Biological Chemistry
This course covers a broad range of topics suitable for many allied-health fields. Topics covered during the general chemistry portion of the course include measurement, problem solving, periodic table, chemical reactions, radioactivity, gases, solutions and acid-base behaviors. The organic chemistry portion introduces the structure and chemical behavior of major types of organic molecules. Also introduces the structure and function of major biological molecules such as carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Although suitable for many programs, this course will generally not substitute for College Chemistry 1 if a program specifically requires that course or its equivalent.
Grading Basis
Course Attributes
This course satisfies LAT Req
Physical Science with Lab
CHEM 20806201
Academic Group
College Parallel
Academic Organization
School of Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Requirements
(NexGenQAS 241+ or ACCP Elem Alg 65+ and Coll Math 20+ or ACT Math 18+ or Elem Alg, Coll Math, Math Rsng, or App Math for Chem) and (Gen Chem or 1yr HS Chem in last 5yrs) and (NexGenRead 261+ or ACT Read 19+ or Intro Coll Read). Courses need C or higher.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring