Basic Statistics
In Basic Statistics appropriate statistical techniques are studied for the systematic collection, presentation, analysis and interpretation of experimental results, including surveys and quality control. The focus is on understanding the techniques of statistical inference (confidence intervals and hypothesis testing) and interpreting results as found in articles and reports. It emphasizes the inherent uncertainty when decisions are made on the basis of sample data. Includes descriptive statistics, basic probability theory, sampling distributions and the Central Limit Theorem; the binomial, normal, Student t, chi-square, and F distributions; and techniques of 1- and 2-sample tests, linear regression, correlation, an introduction to analysis of variance and selected nonparametric procedures.
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This course satisfies LAT Req
MATH 20804240
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College Parallel
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School of Arts & Sciences
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NexGen AdvAlg 250+ or ACCP College Math 51+ or ACT Math 24+ or Intermediate Algebra #20804201 or Intermediate Algebra 2 #20804203. Coursework requires a grade of C or higher to satisfy requirement.
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Fall, Spring, Summer