Public Man, Private Woman: Bronze Age to Glass Ceiling
Public Man, Private Woman: Bronze Age to Glass Ceiling introduces students to women’s history, specifically the various roles played by and assigned to women in western societies and focusing on the question of how and why women’s lives have changed during the past thirty centuries. Students will examine women’s experiences and their images in the past by analyzing the lives of selected notable women as well as broad categories of women, e.g. prostitutes, peasant wives, noblewomen, feminists. The traditional historical periods covered include the Ancient (Greece and Rome), the Medieval (Europe) and the Modern (Europe and the U.S. since 1500).
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This course satisfies LAT Req
Social Science
HISTORY 20803230
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(NexGenRead 261+ or ACCP Read 80+ or ACT Read 19+ or Coll Read Strat #10808101 or Intro Coll Read #10838105) and (NexGenWrite 260+ or ACCP Write 5+ and ACCP Sent 86+ or ACT Eng 17+ or ICW #10831103); or Eng 1 #20801201. Coursework requires a C or higher.
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