Specialized Techniques for Therapeutic Massage
In this course, students acquire more in-depth treatment planning, documentation and time management skills to prepare for their clinical experience. Students also learn how to adapt therapeutic and stress reduction massage techniques to clients with special needs including: pregnant clients, the elderly, oncology patients and individuals with particular health challenges. Students learn clinical approaches to therapeutic massage such as trigger point therapy and sports massage and explore spa therapies such as hydrotherapy, hot stone and aromatherapy massage. Students also gain a foundational understanding of eastern bodywork theory and technique and examine a variety of modalities to emphasize on career exploration.
Grading Basis
THERMASS 31537344
Academic Group
Technical Diploma
Academic Organization
Health Related Professions
Enrollment Requirements
Prerequisites: Therapeutic Massage 1, 31537340; Therapeutic Massage 2, 31537342; Body Structure and Function, 10501153, OR General A & P, 20806206; and Musculoskeletal Anatomy, 10537136
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring