Community Policing Strategies
In this course, the learner will identify local community resources, describe the role of an advocacy group in the criminal justice community, demonstrate cultural self-awareness, interpret state and federal laws related to discrimination and diversity, utilize appropriate skills for interacting effectively and professionally with persons from culturally diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, identify and implement personal strategies that take into account cultural differences, identify the types of situations and the characteristics of individuals that are likely to be encountered in crisis management situations, apply Wisconsin statutory requirements and general guidelines regarding emergency detentions and emergency protective placements of persons, identify key concepts and elements associated with law enforcement response to people in crisis, apply crisis intervention principles and techniques, articulate the decision-making process taken to manage persons in crisis, incorporate community policing strategies into the community, illustrate problem-oriented policing strategies, evaluate other policing strategies, and apply principles of crime analysis and prevention. Prerequisite: completion of first-year courses.
Grading Basis
CRIMJUST 10504907
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Protective Services
Enrollment Requirements
Prereq: Intro to Criminal Justice 10-504-900
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring