Juvenile Law
In this course, the learner will describe the juvenile justice system, describe the handling of cases of children in need of protection or services, describe the handling of cases of juveniles in need of protection or services or alleged to be delinquent, identify constitutional law issues that are relevant to juveniles, analyze the role of law enforcement in responding to child maltreatment, explain the issues involved in investigating incidents of child victimization, intervene and apply appropriate investigative strategies, describe the roles of other agencies in child maltreatment cases, and recognize the unique investigative issues for missing children. Prerequisites: Intro to Criminal Justice, 10-504-900 and Intro to Corrections, 10-504-170.
Grading Basis
CRIMJUST 10504904
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Protective Services
Enrollment Requirements
Prereq: Intro to Criminal Justice, 10-504-900; Intro to Corrections, 10-504-170
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring