Introduction to Criminal Justice
This course explores the Criminal Justice system while focusing specifically on the three primary components of that system: Law Enforcement, the Criminal Court system and the Corrections System.

In the Law Enforcement Unit, students will study the police and their role within the system and society-at-large while focusing between the roles and functions of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Learners will explore contemporary issues, police procedures, and ethical dilemmas to acquire critical insight.

In the Court System Unit, learners will distinguish between the roles and functions of court personnel and various courts with jurisdiction in Wisconsin and federal courts with jurisdiction throughout the United States.

In the Corrections Unit, students will examine the various ways that punishment and rehabilitation are practiced within the corrections system. Learners will study and discuss the five primary goals of sentencing and evaluate their application and success.
Grading Basis
CRIMJUST 10504900
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Protective Services
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring