Web Software Developer Internship
Opportunities for students to gain experience in Web software development through an internship in an actual information systems department. Students will seek internship opportunities and interview to be selected for internships. The student spends approximately 216 hours over the course of the semester at the internship site. If no internship is available, a special project may be substituted for the internship by consent of the instructor. Activities can include requirements gathering, software development, and testing of new and existing web software. In addition, students will share internship experiences with other students at the end of the term.
Grading Basis
ITPROG 10152132
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Information Technology
Enrollment Requirements
Prereq: Grade of C or better in: Preparation for an IT Career, 10-107-175; Advanced Website Development, 10-152-121; Systems Analysis, 10-152-131; and Advanced Java Programming, 10-152-112.
Typically Offered
Fall, Spring