Biotechnology Laboratory Skills for a Regulated Workplace
Covers basic concepts and techniques necessary to work effectively in a biotechnology lab. The importance of quality regulations and standards and the role of the technician in producing quality results are emphasized. Laboratory math is introduced and applied. Students learn basic techniques including: measuring, weighing, mixing solutions, following and writing procedures, keeping records, making observations, and using instrument manuals and catalogues. Principles of metrology (measurement) are introduced and students practice using, calibrating and verifying the performance of instruments. Lab included. Co-requisite: 10-806-127 or 10-806-134, and 10-007-136 or consent of instructor.
Grading Basis
BIOTECH 10007103
Academic Group
Associate Degree
Academic Organization
Biotech & Electron Microscopy
Enrollment Requirements
Coreq(s): General Chem 10806134, General, Organic, and Biological Chem 20806201, or College Chem 1 20806209; AND Lab Math for Biotech 10007136; OR acceptance into Biotech Post-Bacc Certificate or Biotech Post-Bacc Intensive Certificate